Fingerprint & Handprint Keepsakes

Silver Fingerprint & Handprint jewellery or accessories are a favourite with many of my customers.

When you capture a loved one’s footprint or handprint in silver it is a little piece of them which makes a perfect keepsake or special gift for any occasion.

Each one is by definition unique and always created on a bespoke basis.  All fingerprint & handprint jewellery pieces are made directly in the clay to ensure a true print.

Handprint and Footprint items can be made by using a kit so no matter where you live in the UK I can make the items for you and will send back by special delivery.  (Hand/footprint items incur an additional £15 to fingerprint items due to the process and extra time involved in making the design).

Guide Pricing information can be found at the bottom of this page.   If you would like further information or a quote on specific ideas, please do contact me.

Below are some of my recent spoon ring and fork bracelet creations


Price Guides for Fingerprint & Handprint Jewellery

These prices are a guide only as I make all designs up on request.

If you choose a random shape I will quote a max. price and weigh the item once fired.   If the silver weight is less, I will charge you less.

Unfortunately in recent months the price of Silver clay has gone up terribly so I have had to increase my prices slightly to reflect this.  However, as I am an independent designer and not part of a franchise I hope you will find I am able to offer more friendly prices than most and also a service where you choose and create your own bespoke design.


Charms For Bracelets or Necklaces

£24 – Tiny baby fingerprint charm (perfect Gift Voucher for baby gift)

£30 – £75 – Hearts, circles, tear drop, square, long thin and random designs are available at various prices


Fingerprint Cufflinks

£50 – Oval Fingerprint cufflinks

£50 – Oval Initials only cufflinks (email/phone orders)

£58 – Square & Circle Fingerprint cufflinks

£68 – Large Square Fingerprint cufflink


Handprint/Footprint Cufflinks

£65 – Oval Hand/Footprint cufflinks

£73 – Circle Hand/Footprint cufflinks

£73 – Square HandFootprint cufflinks

£83 – Large Square Hand/Footprint cufflinks


Home Visits

£5 +  – Outside Wadhurst area (please contact me to discuss)